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Welcome to Russells Brangus

Owned and operated by Paul and Ronyse Russell at Tarzali, Queensland, on the Atherton Tablelands.

We are dedicated to breeding quality genetic lines within the black Brangus breed.

We initially started breeding commercial Brangus for the local market, however quickly realised the potential of the breed and stepped up into the purebred genetic lines.

Our first elite female donor, Miss Csonka 146F10 was purchased at Beef 2012 Rockhampton, at the time being the highest growth female in Australia. Since then, thanks to the Pearce Family at Telpara Hills, we have been able to secure top quality heifers in Miss Portfolio 468G23, Miss Braxton 146G5, Miss Patton 920H, Miss Patton 920J and 920J2, Miss Middleman 820H2, and of late Miss Onstar 11J2.

These elite females have been coupled with sires such as Csonka of Brinks 30R4, Van Damme 541H30, Distinction 331T48, Affirmed 416N4, Bragg 795W11, Real Deal 541R3, Dealmaker 468W40.

The results have been outstanding to say the least.

We have some top class bulls and heifers in the making and our goal is to produce the best in growth, temperament and performance.

Years ago I recall cattlemen of the north refer to some cattle as good doers. These were the cattle that did better than the norm. They achieved the weight and growth better than the average. In today’s market these animals are paramount and by selecting specific genetics worldwide these cattle stand out from the rest.

Our motto is      “The Best Will Do”

Along with quality stud stock, we have available 1st class commercial bulls and heifers. We are slowly increasing our embryo and semen bank and these will be available in the near future.

With the help of the Pearce Family, and using Ced Wise, we have had many successful embryo transplants over the past few years. Our herd is relatively small in numbers but high in quality.

Tarzali, Queensland, on the Atherton Tablelands
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Located Atherton Tablelands North Queensland
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Our preferred contact is by email Contact Us by Email or phone Paul Russell 0429 137008.